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ALAZ Law Office

Attorney Law Firm Alaz management of Volkan CICEK, national and international companies, organizations and individuals in their areas of expertise attorneys and legal counseling services. Basic principle of legal disputes arising from before birth by identifying potential risks and advising in order to minimize losses and legal process, within the framework of the law is to provide effective follow-up and evaluation, and the protection of rights and interests.

Our office, business and solution partners, university professors and experienced lawyers in consultation with specific fields of expertise Administrative Law, Business Law, Construction Law, Tax Law, Bankruptcy Law, Energy Law, Real Estate Law, Corporate Law, Banking and Finance Law, Commercial Law, taking on the responsibility of the case in the field of Maritime Law, a lawyer and consultant.

Rent Law, Contract Law, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property, Art Law, International Law, and debt collection in the fields of Construction Firm, university law professors and other experts in the counseling relationship with a continuously engages in cases.

In addition, the scope of areas of expertise, oral or written notification of the legal opinion, legal, answering the questions, the preparation of contracted services, such as conventions or under the name of Continuous Legal Advice We offer domestic and foreign companies and organizations.

Alaz Law Firm, academic discipline, creative and solution-oriented to serve the principle of a law firm.

  • Clients deal directly with one or several partners.
  • We favor involvement in solving a clients problems over drafting defense memorandums.
  • Issues that exceed the scope of our activities are referred to prominent attorneys in the relevant field.
  • We answer telephone calls 365 days a year.
  • We strive to provide support to our clients from both the legal and the personal viewpoints.
  • We consider that one of the main goals at Lucino & Gene Abogados is our clients success.

Law. Volkan CICEK
E.MAIL:   info@volkancicek.av.tr

Martn Gene

Law. Volkan CICEK
E.MAIL:   info@volkancicek.av.tr

Juan I. Lucino

Oral or written advice on legal matters, the preparation of all kinds of contracts, ensure implementation of existing contracts, new information about the kannunlar, preventing problems, such as third parties to participate in the negotiation talks are preparing our priority to provide legal services, litigation, dispute resolution and mediation services are also provided.

Civil and criminal courts, national, and international arbitration and litigation and dispute resolution in front of mediating institutions and organizations providing services, as well as of an arbitrator or mediator.

Represent our clients before administrative agencies and boards, and boards of these institutions need to take into judicial decisions, administrative services are also provided.


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E.MAIL:   info@volkancicek.av.tr